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1. where the natural stone will be installed - interior or exterior

  • With interior installations it is not necessary for the natural stone to be resistant to weather conditions. Sandstones of different types and structures can be used, with holes, limestone, tufts and many others.
  • When used externally, it is exposed to weather conditions, mechanical impacts, weathering, chemicals and salts in winter. Many of the proposed natural stones, in order to withstand these influences and not change their appearance and color over time, must be treated periodically with certain impregnants and varnishes.
  • Often different natural stones that are similar in appearance are offered as one, but with different structure and qualities. Some types of natural stones are mined in nearby quarries or regions does not mean that they all have the same qualities. In Bulgaria there are many illegal quarries for natural stones that continue to work .They extract surface stone from old quarry sites that do not meet quality standards.

2. Purchase of natural stone on a pallet:

When buying natural stone with a polygonal pallet shape you need to know:

  • the stones are sorted according to their size, thickness and arranged to a certain number in square meters.
  • Be careful , because incorrect traders arrange the stones well on the periphery of the pallet, and the interior is filled with poor quality and fine stone.

3. Correct measurement of the exact amount of stone:

When measuring the area you want to cover with stone, you must take into account its shape (curves, edges, level). This is done in order to calculate the approximate amount of stone that will need to be cut, broken and discarded. This will reduce the area you will cover. Therefore, provide a small advance when buying(depending on the type of stone).

To minimize marriage, you will need to follow a few rules:

  •  If you have chosen a stone with a polygonal (natural shape) . You need to spread the tiles on the area before gluing. This is done so that you can find the right places for each stone according to its shape. When choosing stones with larger sizes, we advise to combine them with smaller ones, which fill the spaces between them.
  •  If you have chosen a cut stone with a rectangular shape, most often they have a fixed width and varying length. Therefore, it is also necessary to scatter the stones to be selected according to their length and so you will reduce the cut.